Arctic Monkeys Donate Money from Music Prize

Arctic Monkeys were named the winners of the U.K.’s most prestigious music award, the Mercury Prize, earlier this week (read more), and they’ve decided to donate the winnings from it to an undisclosed charity. The band revealed in a statement they’re “flattered” by the “unexpected” win against heavyweights like Thom Yorke and Muse, and that departed bassist Andy Nicholson has joined the band’s current members in their decision to give the prize money to charity. “Regarding the £20,000 cheque, we are going to donate it to a worthy charity which we would prefer to keep private,” the band said in a statement. “We have discussed it with Andy, who played an equal part in the making of the album, and he is happy with our choice.”

The band also revealed that a new album is in the works: “As for the near future, we are really looking forward to taking a break to continue writing our new album.”

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