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Thom Yorke: Tony Blair Should Resign

Thom Yorke has called for British Prime Minister Tony Blair’s resignation via a post on Radiohead’s official site. Citing Blair’s focus on maintaining friendships with President Bush and Rupert Murdoch, and his indecision on the conflict in Lebanon and Israel, Yorke suggested the British people throw him out of office or at least give a vote of “no confidence.”

“I’ve had enough of this,” Yorke wrote. “Our government sitting on the fence with the U.S. while World War 3 appears to be breaking out in Lebanon and Northern Israel. We must throw Tony Blair out of office NOW. He does not represent the views of the British people. He does not represent the views of his foreign office and officials. He does not even represent the views of those in his cabinet. He cares far too much about his relationship with Bush, and Murdoch. The man is not fit to be our Prime Minister. It’s a nice sunny day. Come on, let’s do it. You know it makes sense. A vote of no confidence. Or something. Anything.”

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