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Portishead Unveil New Tunes

Portishead haven’t released new material since their 1997 self-titled sophomore album, but the Bristol, U.K. trip-hop trio finally unveiled new tunes via their MySpace page. “Greek Jam” and “Key Bored 299 03” are the tracks premiered on the site where, during the recording process, Portishead’s Geoff Barrows admitted his band was a bit rusty. “The tracks are in a right mess but sounding like a album for the first time in years they (are) a bit weird though,” the grammatically-errant post reads. “Its great — its nice to think us old gits have a few tunes in us without sounding like coffee table Zero 7 – Moby – chill out shit!”

Little other details about the forthcoming album have been unveiled (read more), but, according to the band’s MySpace page, it’s confirmed they “are writing their third studio album.” The new tracks from it are drawing mixed reactions from fans.

Here’s what the people are saying on MySpace:

“Love the new stuff; the weirder the better!” — Microfilm

“O want to represent some Portishead on my page, but this stuff isn’t my cup-o-tea. Cheers.” — Professor Juice

“You’ve got trouble with your organ! I told you last time if you bash it around to much you will get trouble, it probably needs a service poor old thing.” — Huw

“I can’t wait till your next album comes out. Each one has been an evolution in sound and emotion. I have no expectations, I just know you guys will do what you do best. — Capistrano Le Tigre

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