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NYC’s Karaoke Killed the Cat

Want to feel like a rock star? Grab a mic and take the stage at Karaoke Killed the Cat, Chris Goldteeth’s brainchild that takes place every Monday at Pianos in the Lower East Side of NYC and regularly features drunken crowd-surfers, a giant gong, and the scent of a particular herb in the air. “It’s more like a party-oke,” said co-host Matt Coats of the event, which melds Goldteeth and Coats’ full-throttle-thrusting performances with audience renditions of karaoke classics. This week, during an attendee’s performance of Lil’ Jon & the Eastside Boyz’s “Get Low,” Coats was not only dropping that ass, but feeding it to the audience as well when he pretended to cut off juicy bite-size pieces of himself with a knife and fork. With three years behind Karaoke Killed the Cat and an international tour in the works, Goldteeth isn’t lying when he says, “I’m going to ride this shit till the wheels fall off.” Ride, daddy, ride.KATIE HEATH

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