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My Chem Explain Show Cancellation

After posting a vague statement on why they abruptly cancelledtheir San Diego Street Scene performance last weekend, and sparking anonslaught of rumors as to what might have happened to the band. MyChemical Romance have given fans a more in-depth explanation. “Thereare tons of rumors and allegations floating around and we want to clearit all up for you,” the post read, going on to explain what happenedduring a shoot for a new video. “Last week, while shooting a new videofor our new record, two of us sustained some damage more than wenormally would have,” the statement read. “[Frontman] Gerard [Way] toremultiple ligaments in his ankle and [drummer] Bob [Bryer] received abad burn to the back of his leg. These injuries were sustained onThursday evening. On Friday morning we drove to San Diego to preparefor our performance at Street Scene that we were very excited about.After seeing doctors, we decided to give it our all and rehearse onFriday night. This proved impossible. The pain was overwhelming and wecould not pull through without further injuring ourselves.”

Asfor the other rumors floating around cyberspace? “There were no carwrecks, monster attacks or alien abductions, but there were seriousinjuries that required this to be the way,” the band wrote. “Weapologize for it coming down so last minute and never wished it to endup that way. We promise to be back in San Diego this year.”

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