Moby Taps Debbie Harry for New Single

No stranger to high-profile collaborations, Moby has called upon Blondie’s frontwoman, Debbie Harry, for “New York, New York,” a new single off his best-of album. The track will appear on the forthcoming Go: The Very Best of Moby, which will hit stores in November, according to NME. “I feel kind of dirty writing ‘moby best of,'” the artist wrote in his online journal. “It seems egregiously immodest. But that’s what the record’s called.”

Here is the track listing for Go: The Very Best of Moby:

1. “Go”
2. “Why Does My Heart Feel So Bad?”
3. “In This World”
4. “Porcelain”
5. “In My Heart”
6. “New York, New York”
7. “Natural Blues”
8. “Life Me Up”
9. “Bodyrock”
10. “We Are All Made of Stars”
11. “Slipping Away”
12. “Honey”
13. “Move”
14. “James Bond Theme”
15. “Feeling So Real”

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