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Mayday!’s Smash Single

The video for “Groundhog Day” from Miami-based hip-hop duo Mayday! quickly became one of the most viewed music videos on YouTube when it dropped last May, and the smash single, which features Gnarls Barkley’s Cee-Lo, has solidified the pair’s place in the larger hip-hop community. Speaking with, Mayday!’s MC Bernbiz said the infectiously eccentric song practically wrote itself. “The song came about after a night of hard work,” he said. “We were fed up with our nine-to-five [jobs]. We came up with a beat very quickly, and Cee-Lo loved it so he just added his magic to it.”

MC Bernbiz also admitted he and cohort Plex (keyboardist/producer) draw inspiration from Gnarls Barkley and Gorillaz, as these innovative groups effortlessly mishmash music genres. “At the time we got a record deal, we were coming from a very hip-hop mid-tempo 90-BPMs mentality. We thought we’d through caution to the wind and started to mess with extremes. The rest of the album has different tempos, delves into rock’n’roll and jazz. Hip-hop gets locked into a certain two-step, so we wanted to mash it.” Mayday!’s self-titled album drops Sept. 26.

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