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Judah Johnson

Who? Detroit quartet Judah Johnson — Daniel Johnson (guitar and vocals), Rodrigo Palma (bass), Charlie Koltak (drums), and Noah Harris (keyboards) — released their second full-length album, Be Where I Be (Flameshovel Records), Tuesday.

What’s the Deal? Judah Johnson play cool, melodic, space pop decorated with Clockwork Orange synthesizers and skittery electronic percussion. Be Where I Be, the follow-up to the band’s 2003 debut Kisses and Interrogation, manages to sound foreboding (“Ooh child, it won’t get easier. It won’t get brighter,” sings Johnson on one track) without being a bummer — Johnson has an ear for a melody and even the darkest of these songs comes packed with a killer chorus.

Fun Fact? The immaculately produced Be Where I Be was recorded in just five days. LANE BROWN

Now Hear This: Judah Johnson – “Little Sounds” (Download MP3)

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