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Getting Dirty, Pretty in NYC

Despite a broken collarbone, Dirty Pretty Things’ frontman Carl Barat swaggered with style across the Bowery Ballroom stage last night, representing his roots by cradling his arm in a British flag sling. But his gang wasn’t the only one to make the journey, as fans came in from Ireland, Italy, and even Japan to hear Barat shoot ’em down on “Bang Bang Your Dead” — the night’s big hit. DPT weren’t alone in taking out the crowd: Opening band Scissors For Lefty cut things up with sublime electro-synths and the presentation of an octopus cake to the audience. “DPT are the most charming scoundrels we’ve ever had a chance to open for,” Scissors’ singer Bryan Garza told before warning fans to “stay away from gang violence.” Always a wise choice. KATIE HEATH

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