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Darkness Frontman in Rehab

Darkness frontman Justin Hawkins has been admitted to a rehabilitation clinic and has been forced to “cancel all professional commitments or work-related activities,” according to a post on his band’s site. The band had to miss their appearance at Denmark’s Skanderborg Festival, which they said was far from ideal and added, “Having been on out on the road constantly for such a long time and having not had any time off over the past three years, [this is] what Justin has decided to do, and [the band] agreed that his health must come first.” The Darkness are quick to note that Hawkins’ stint in rehab will not signal the end of the band and that Atlantic Records is not planning to drop them from their roster; rather, the label has “taken up option with the band” and will release their third album next year.

“We are not here to comment on Justin’s private life — or anyone else’s for that matter,” the post continued. “He is feeling better already, and as soon as he is ready we will be going straight into the studio to begin recording album number 3.”

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