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Brandon Scopes Out Hot L.A. Acts

Sunset Boulevard is no match for Brandon, who hit up that strip’s annual fete, Sunset Junction Street Fair, to see Black Rebel Motorcycle Club. But Brandon’s not one to overlook smaller Southern California bands, as he started his night by scoping out Los Angeles staples Giant Drag and Silverlake upstarts Silversun Pickups.

Hey Guys! Tonight I’ve got a duel mission: To report an amazing evening in rock’n’roll and to put up flyers for my upcoming night at Three Clubs. The first stop is Vine Bar, and then we head east.

My lovely flyer. Okay let’s go inside.


Love is in the air.

Preparation in the girl’s bathroom — i’s a good thing I’m invisible.

Myles and the amazing blue boots.

Goodbye passionate Vine Bar.

Let’s go east to check out some bands.

First up, Silversun Pickups at the Echo.

Very impressive set.

The final chord. Now for everyone’s favorite LA two-piece band…

Giant Drag!

Keys and drums for one guy? Nice.

Tim from Darker My Love and his friend.

It’s time to go outside for the main show.

From Echo Park to Silverlake…

It’s the Sunset Junction Street Fair! Every year people sweat all day and stay out late to see some amazing live music.

Silverlake kids stop to say hello.

Love seems to be in the air over here as well…

Along with coyness and a clever beard.

I make my way to the main stage for…

BRMC! Black Rebel Motorcycle Club thunder through Sunset Boulevard.

Nick Jago rocks the drums.

The street is filled with spectators.

Robert Levon Been controls the dirgy sonnets…

While Peter Hayes loses himself in a grand solo. Great show, but I’m drunk and hungry, and there is really only one solution…

Street meat!

This guy gets it. Okay, It’s time to head home. I’m exhausted!

x brandon