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Vader: Lost in the Supermarket

The hilarious first episode of Chad Vader – Day Shift Manager just hit YouTube, but, as of press time, the Star Wars spoof has been viewed almost one million times. The film follows Darth Vader doppelganger Chad Vader as he patrols the aisles of the grocery store where he’s the daytime manager. The store’s employees mock Vader’s authority, especially after he scores a date with checkout girl Clarissa. The flick ultimately cuts to a showdown in the produce aisle where Vader must prove he’s worthy of his managerial gig to an employee who, while gumming a banana, calls Vader a “butt hole” and threatens to usurp the day manager job. You’ll have to tune in to see what happens, but let’s just say light sabers are no match for banana peels.

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Here’s what the legions of YouTubers are saying:

“Not a big Star Wars fan, but hot damn that was funny! — son44ic

“Oh gosh this was like, whoa. I LOVED IT!!! When Star Wars meets the dorkinator!!! lol. MORE MORE MORE PLEASE!!! Or I’ll…I’ll…I have no idea exactly what I’ll do but it will be really really bad! ^^ jk…” — KakashiZukoFan

“He is the DAY MANAGER and its DARK OUTSIDE. That ruined it for me. Can’t even film in the store during open hours? Gotta use fake shoppers to fill the place?” — goldfinger490

“Brilliant. I was laughing all the way up until the banana slip — that was actually kind of cheesy. But the rest was brilliant, I say.” — kensugi

“Dude, that’s bullshit. Screw the banana peel! Kick his ass! Or is that soon to come? We can only hope…” MaximusPR1M30

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