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Tank Shells From Israel, With Love

As the tension mounts between Israel and Lebanon, young Israeli girls were photographed writing fake messages of love on tank rounds aimed at taking out Hezbollah, the terrorist group the Lebanese government has publicly condemned. Near Kiryat Shmona in Northern Israel, close to the Lebanese border, these school-age girls scribbled messages onto tank shells reportedly reading, “From Israel with love” (see below). Those in the online community concerned with humanitarianism and politics are sounding off, offering conflicting points of view on the heavy and complex subject.

Here’s what the people are saying:

“If indeed it is true that, “The foundation of every state lies in the education of its youth,” then the future foundation for a civilized word is being severely shaken by such thoughtless, careless, and inhumane gestures. This should be appalling to anyone calling themselves a civilized human being.” — Kent H. Badger,

“Your heart just has to break to see these Shiite children in Lebanon smiling and writing ‘messages’ on the rockets that soon will devastate Israeli homes. What kind of sick society produces little girls who exult in the infliction of pain against people they’ve never met? Sadly, until the Arabs let go of their culture of incitement and rage, I’m afraid there’s no concession Israel can ever make that will bring peace with these people. What’s that? Those aren’t Lebanese girls writing on Hezbollah rockets, but Israeli girls writing on Israeli shells? Oh. Never mind.” —

“What about the pictures of five-year-olds dressed up in Hamas gear toting weaponry? Disturbed by that, or does that make you gleeful with joy?” — Michael Brenner,

“These images show Israelis are having children and these children, even the girls, will make sure in the future that nobody defeats them. We should, however, be putting little girls like this in the same classrooms and summer camps as the Palestinian and Lebanese Shiite girls.” — Jack Donaldson,

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