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Patent Pending’s Band World 3

The boys of Long Island’s Patent Pending have been shacking up to tape Band World, a spoof on the hit MTV reality show The Real World that features their adventures with Benny, an ornery whale (read more). Episodes 1 and 2 have been viewed over 400,000 times on YouTube, and has a sneak peak at the series’ third episode, which hits YouTube on Thursday (July 20). Tune in to find out what happens when Benny tries to join the band as they prepare to head out on the Vans Warped Tour. Also, Benny finally gets to tell his side of the story via an exclusive interview with, included below.

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Patent Pending’s Band World, Episode 3 preview

Benny Talks! First off, thanks for taking the time to talk to via email. How are you able to type with the flippers?
It’s not easy — a lot of the time I hit the wrong keys because my flippers are so big and have to do a lot of deleting. When you’re wasting as much time on MySpace as much as I am, you get used to all the typing. Check me out here!

Since you can’t exactly talk, do you feel Band World accurately reflects you as a whale?
I’ve been villainized! Every reality show has a bad guy and I honestly can’t believe that it’s me! How come they edited out the day that I ran the youth golf clinic for underprivileged children who recently found out that members of their family may or may not of been stage hands for the Broadway version of Kevin Costner’s Water World. The editors really have it in for me.

When you first moved in with Patent Pending, you seemed to get along well with your housemates. Things quickly dissolved. Do you feel misunderstood by your human housemates?
I think living with a whale would be a huge adjustment for anybody, as understanding as I try to be. And of course I eat a lot, I’M A FRICKIN’ WHALE! And for the record, the whales are not doing completely fine — we still have a long way to go before we are looked on as equals in this society, we can’t even vote or run for public office. I think a whale in parliament would be really beneficial…you guys have parliament right? LONG LIVE QUEEN!

Part of the falling out with your roomies seemed to happen when you didn’t hold your own on the kickball field. “An embarrassment to the team,” one band member called you; “an absolute disaster,” said another. What was really going on that day on the kickball field?
Did you notice how there were no clips of anyone else kicking or catching that day? Sure, my game had holes in it, but they are far from all-stars!

It looks like you stole a lot of Patent Pending’s women. What pick-up lines, if any, did you use?
Chicks dig dorsal fins. It’s not the pick-up line; it’s the swagger!

You’ve been named a world-class dancer. I found your parachute dance particularly moving. What are your favorite steps?
Art can take on many forms, I chose dance and I refuse to dumb it down for the culturally inept masses. The ol’ Dolloping Dixie has been known to break some hearts, but I like to keep my steps clean fresh and simple. I find a good Canterbury Crush, sans the bells and whistles, can really get my point across.

It looks like you make amends with the band through the power of dance. Are you in their good graces now?
Am I in their good graces? They should be grateful that they are still around after almost losing a dance contest to a bunch of no talent street thugs.

What do you miss most now that you’re not under the sea?
I had what you could call a mutually beneficial, symbiotic relationship with a troop of plankton when I was down there — I guess you could say I miss them the most.

Any thoughts on Free Willy?
SELL OUT! Not to mention I heard that entire rock jumping scene was CGI, and that all of his stunts were done by Van Damme!

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