New Blood Brothers Album Due in October

Seattle’s Blood Brothers announced an Oct. 10 release date for Young Machetes, their sixth studio album, produced by John Goodmanson and Guy Piccioto of Fugazi fame. The revered masters of mixing synth-pop, hardcore, violence, sex, and catchy choruses have been steadily gaining notoriety since 2004’s viciously danceable Crimes, a record Spin dubbed “savage punk rock that shifts and shakes like the bleachers during a homecoming orgy” (read more). Known for their sass as well as their high-octane performances, Young Machetes is sure to be packed to the brim with the Blood Brothers staples: raging keyboard riffs, fierce guitar meltdowns, and anthemic versus for the masses to scream along to. Stay tuned in the upcoming weeks for the announcement of their fall tour.

Talk: Do you think Young Machetes will be as good as the Blood Brother’s previous albums?

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