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Jose Gonzalez

When Jose Gonzalez delivered his stunningly beautiful acoustic set at the Spin offices for SpinHouse Live concert series (read more), “amazing,” “incredible,” “delicious” were just some of the adjectives concert-goers attributed to the evocative performance. Of course, these audience members told us what they thought after the show, as most were too mesmerized by Gonzalez’s lush guitar strums and his sweetly soaring vocals to utter a word during the set. Even if you can peel your eyes from the screen while watching the exclusive video from his SpinHouse performance, you won’t want to.

BONUS: Jose performed two additional songs at the Spin offices, both of which will appear on his next album. While we can’t offer them now, we will be unveiling them on closer to the release date of Jose’s next album, due in 2007. Stay tuned!

Talk: What was the best moment of Gonzalez’s SpinHouse performance?

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