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James Figurine

Who? Jimmy Tamborello is best known for his work as Dntel and in Zach Braff-approved indie electronica project, the Postal Service. For his latest solo effort, Mistake Mistake Mistake Mistake, he adopts the moniker James Figurine.

What’s the Deal? Tamborello’s debut as James Figurine is largely lyric-less and glitch-lite, lending itself, unlike mainstays Postal Service, to a lounge more than to a bedroom. But as she did on the Postal Service album, Rilo Kiley-darling Jenny Lewis makes an appearance, lending her sweet vocal swoons to “You Again,” which, with its gentle synth-spikes and delicate electronic sputters, features some of Tamborello’s finest moves.

Fun Fact: According to James Figurine lore, driving through Germany with his techno-pop trio Figurine whilst listening to releases from Cologne-based electronica label Kompakt inspired the minimalist electro-pulses of Mistake. JULIA SIMON

Now Hear This: James Figurine feat. Erlend Oye of Kings of Convenience – “All the Way to China” (Download MP3 — link expired)

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