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The Hourly Radio

Who? The Hourly Radio — frontman Aaron Closson, guitarist Ryan Short, bassist Tim Jansen, and drummer Adam Vanderkolk — hail from the incredibly vital music scene in the Dallas/Fort Worth area, and their debut, History Will Never Hold Me, has the energy of fellow Texans …And You Will Know Us by the Trail of Dead.

What’s the Deal? Sometimes a band name just feels apt, and the Hourly Radio is one of those monikers. Not because of the Aldous Huxley reference, which is clever and all, but because it is very easy to imagine a time in the not-too-distant future when their anthemic tunes will be played on modern rock radio at least once an hour. Singer Aaron Closson can also hold a note like Jeff Buckley, as on the yearning “First Love Is Forever.” And tracks like “Fear of Standing Upright” demonstrate that even when Closson keeps it restrained, his band’s rhythm section can more than hold its own.

Fun Fact: The band’s third show outside of Texas was in the U.K., giving them the unusual distinction of playing London before stopping in one of their neighboring states. MATT TERL

Now Hear This: The Hourly Radio – “Crime Does Pay” (Download MP3) The Hourly Radio – “Deaf Ears” (Download MP3)

Now Watch This: The Hourly Radio – “Fear of Standing Upright” QUICKTIME HIGH

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