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Boy Kill Boy

Who? Founded just outside of London in 2004, hyper, brash rockers, Boy Kill Boy — Chris Peck (vocals/guitar), Shaz (drums), Pete Carr (keyboards), Kevin Chase (bass/vocals) — were born out of the ashes of Peck and Shaz’s first band. After a short mourning period, the pair formed Boy Kill Boy and played their first gig with Hard-Fi (with whom they’ve often been compared) as their opener.

What’s the Deal? Boy Kill Boy’s debut, Civilian, is a punchy, epic ride that swiftly changes lanes from Smiths-ish soaring choruses to ravenous verses and back. The band revs its engine with “Back Again,” full of speedy guitars that swell to grandiose heights at the chorus, and Peck’s emotive, vocals pleading: “Can I find some more misery?” The infectious pop of “Suzie” comes shortly after, with an irresistible synth hook and Peck toying with his vocals, rolling his R’s around the bend of a verse. The unrelenting “Civil Sin” alternates between pep and extravagance, while “Shoot Me Down,” which closes Civilian, gives the band a chance to cruise for a bit, with Peck’s vocals lowered to a melodic croon.

Fun Fact: Boy Kill Boy recently had their rock star rite of passage: they were hit with a $18,000 bill after a party they held trashed a $1.8 million villa in Ibiza, Spain, according to reports. ALYSSA RASHBAUM

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