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Spin Presents Zig Zag Live Featuring Aberdeen City

Before heading back to Boston to record a new album, Aberdeen City headlined Zig Zag Live’s event, presented by Spin, at New York’s Knitting Factory. For their last gig in New York before holing up in the studio, the quartet pulled out all the stops by extending their jams, bringing in a tambourine, and standing back while guitarist Chris McLaughlin struck a rock god pose atop the drum kit. Openers included Oh No! Oh MY! (who were playing their first New York show) and Zig Zag Online favorites Phil and the Osophers and the Walkup. ALYSSA RASHBAUM

We asked: What did you think of headliner Aberdeen City’s energetic set? PHOTOS BY BARBARA CHUNG

Name: Graham
Age: 24
Hometown: New York
Occupation: Music promoter
“I thought the show was awesome. I love the way they closed out with a flourish of drums.”

Name: Tiffany
Age: 30
Hometown: New York
Occupation: Lawyer
“I liked their soul. Their sound was familiar but it had a lot of energy.”

Name: Koskuke
Age: 20
Hometown: Indiana
Occupation: Works for Aberdeen City’s label
“It was the best fucking show I’ve ever seen in my life. I’ve seen them a couple times but this was the best show they’ve played. The dynamics were perfect.”

Name: Meghan
Age: 20
Hometown: Seattle
Occupation: Film student
“I’ve seen them play before but this was the most energetic I’ve seen them. And the guitarist is the fucking hottest thing I’ve ever seen in my life. I had to leave three times. Don’t you think he was hot?”