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Small Sins

Who? He may have changed his moniker from the Ladies and Gentleman to Small Sins, but Toronto-based Thomas D’Arcy packs more of the same electro-fueled indie-pop into his debut that got him signed to Astralwerks at 2005’s South by Southwest.

What’s the Deal? Armed with a drum machine, a Moog, and a 16-track recorder, Small Sins spews sweet bedroom confections a la the Postal Service — with similarly emo-imbued lyrics. Even though his cool electronic pulses purr through ruminations on some of life’s bummers — including lost dignity (“Threw it All Away”), breaking points (“Is She the One?”), and short-lived possibilities (“We Won’t Last the Winter”) — “All Will Be Fine” does its part to convincingly lift the album’s mood.

Fun Fact: Small Sins brings a band with him on the road, including a full-time hand-clapper.

Now Hear This: Small Sins – “Stay” Windows Media: Hi Real: Hi

Small Sins – “All Will Be Fine” Windows Media: Hi Real: Hi

Small Sins – “She’s The Source” Windows Media: Hi Real: Hi

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