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Nice Sunburn, Dude!

Being in 90 degree weather with a maximum UV index has consequences; most commonly: sunburn. While painful for the careless and unfortunate, it’s really quite amusing for observers.

Whether laziness, sensitivity, or just plain ignorance is to blame, this place inevitably looks like a farmer’s tan convention. Waiting in open areas for bands to arrive onstage can really take its toll, as evidenced by 21-year-old Ted Weaver of Mt. Airy, Maryland, and 20-year-old Joey Portreton of Chicago, Illinois, blaming Bright Eyes for his brutally precise burn marks.

A less common tan line appeared when Spin correspondents came across 21-year-old Aaron Schaulu. A native of Roseville, Michigan, Schaulu has been wearing a bikini top since his arrival to the Roo on Thursday night. “A friend was looking for her bathing suit top around the campsite when we got here,” Schaulu said. “I estimated that we had the same cup size.” The rest is history.

He has become a small-time spectacle of the festival, confident as ever. “I’m in a hard rock band,” he explained. “I wear wigs and skirts on stage in front of huge audiences. This is nothing.” Friend Rhiannon Pleins elaborates on the pro’s and con’s of the challenge. “It was easy to figure out where he was considering we were asking everyone where the bald guy in the bikini top was,” said Pleins. On the downside, she said, “He has better tan lines than I do!” See for yourself! SAMANTHA PROMISLOFF