The Killers Ditch Vegas for London

The Killers have left the flashing marquees and dry climes of their hometown, Las Vegas, for the double-decker buses and grey skies of London to finish putting their sophomore album together. “It’s shaping up to be a lot more serious than the last album,” frontman Brandon Flowers told NME of the new album. “I guess that’s because the band is growing up. We’re not singing about teenage girls anymore.” Instead, the band is crooning about bright lights and bling: Some songs that may be included on the new album are “Have You Ever Seen the Lights?,” “Bling,” and “Sam’s Town.” The Killers hinted at an across-the-pond move in mid-May when they wrote on their official site: “We’ve dripped this town dry. But if destiny’s kind there will be other doorbells to ring. London sounds nice.”

Talk: The band has yet to reveal a title for the new album — what do you think they should call it? COMMENT

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