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An Albatross

Who? Philadelphia experimental-noise troupe An Albatross — Edward B. Gieda III (vocals/percussion), Jason Hudak (bass), Kat Paffett (organ/synth), Phillip Reynolds Price (organ), Jake Lisowski (guitar), and Ed Klinger (drums) — lacquer rackety noise spiels onto their third album, Blessphemy (Of the Peace-Beast Feastgiver and the Bear-Warp Kumite.

What’s the Deal? With such epic song titles as “Lysergically Yours, My Psychadelic Bride” and “Trust the Sun, The Symphonic Sunrise,” it’s surprising only one track clocks in over the two-minute mark. The six-piece charge through layers of maniacal noise made complete with an onslaught of assaulting guitar riffs, machine gun percussion, squiggly synths, and Gieda’s volatile vocal thrusts.

Fun Fact: The band’s chaotic live performances have reportedly gotten them banned from some venues. JULIA SIMON

Now Hear This: An Albatross – “Behold the Light” (Download MP3)

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