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Study: Marijuana Smoke Doesn’t Increase Cancer Risk

A study released this week suggests that frequent smokers of marijuana do not have an increased risk for the development of lung cancer or other forms of cancer often associated with cigarette smoking. Even subjects in the UCLA study who’d smoked more than 22,000 joints in their lifetime had no increased risk when compared to casual users or those who’d abstained from the drug altogether. Researchers also theorized that THC, a chemical found in marijuana smoke, might have antitumor capabilities. The report was presented at this week’s conference of the American Thoracic Society.

Here’s what the online community is saying about the matter:

“Whew! I can breathe easier!” — Everything Is Wrong

“I’m surprised this study was funded at all. GLAD, very GLAD, but surprised as well. Of course, the fed. gov. will keep on its hypocricy by continuing the feeble and totally political war on drugs.” — locke,

“I’ve found that the mind-altering properties of this wonderful plant tend to make one think outside the box. That’s the last thing ‘the man’ wants.” — Eric in Ottawa,

“What if you use Post-It notes when you run out of rolling paper?” — The Card Cheat, Metafilter

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