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Patent Pending

Who? Long Island, New York’s Patent Pending, featuring Michael Ragosta (lead vocals), Joe Ragosta (guitar/vocals), Drew Buffardi (bass), Anthony Mingoia (drums) — each member has adopted “Pending” as his last name — are releasing their debut full-length album, Save Each Other, The Whales Are Doing Fine on We Put Out Records.

What’s the Deal? Adopting the motto “We mosh because we care,” Patent Pending plays hyper energetic pop punk with an endearing, unpolished quality. Lead single “This Can’t Happen Again” (Download MP3) and “Los Angeles” in particular exemplify the band’s upbeat, dance-inducing energy.

Fun Fact: All of Patent Pending’s songs are written by Joe Pending in the bathroom. It might have been there where he penned the album’s original title, Save the Children, The Whales Are Doing Fine, which drew objections from certain elements in the non-profit sector, namely the Save the Children foundation.

Now Hear This: Patent Pending, “This Can’t Happen Again” (Download MP3)

Talk: Should we give them a patent for their brand of peppy pop punk? COMMENT