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Kim Spills Divorce Details, Eminem Bites Back

With her name back in the news again, Eminem’s ex and unfortunate muse, Kim Mathers, is cashing in on her 15 seconds of fame by lashing out at her famous former hubby.

Kim appeared on a Detroit-area morning radio show on Thursday [April 6] to dish about her short-lived reconciliation with Eminem, according to the Associated Press.

“He’s having problems with, you know, his problem that he had,” she said, possibly referring to Eminem’s former addiction to sleep medication. “I was hoping we could get counseling and work it out, you know?

“Right after he came home from his rehab, we started to have a few problems, and I thought it was going to be in our best interest to delay the wedding,” she continued. “But he really pushed it and I thought it was really going to be something that worked this time.”

Kim and Eminem were first married in 1999 and divorced by 2001. Despite a custody battle and Eminem’s myriad tracks about killing and/or maiming Kim, the couple reconciled in January.

This week, Eminem’s publicist announced the pair would be getting divorced. Kim was less than thrilled. “I don’t really necessarily want to get divorced,” she said. “I was hoping he was going to come home and say, ‘I got us a counselor, let’s go.’ But you know it didn’t work out that way. I got an attorney at the door instead.”

In response to Kim’s comments, Eminem’s publicist released the following statement from his client: “The details surrounding both my marriage and subsequent filing for divorce are private, and I had hoped to keep them that way for the sake of my family. However, a few of Kim’s statements in a radio interview this morning need to be addressed.

“First, her allegations regarding my status post-rehab are both untrue and unfortunate. Second, she was aware that I was filing for divorce. We both tried to give our marriage another chance and quickly realized that a wedding doesn’t fix the underlying problems.”

But it worked for Britney, didn’t it?

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