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Sure, the members of Take Action! Tour — bands like Matchbook Romance and Silverstein — could be hitting the bottle or hanging with groupies when they leave the stage, but what they really want to do is talk to their fans. So we’ve asked them to ditch the booze and the babes for a bit to answer some of your burning questions.

We’ve also asked the Early November, Amber Pacific, We Are the Fury, and Hit the Light to take part in our mobile Q&A session. Email your queries to [email protected] and we’ll make sure they get to the right band.

Want to know where Silverstein vocalist Shane Told channels all that aggression from, or what Matchbook Romance bassist Ryan Kienle’s favorite color is? Email us and we’ll find out for you. Make sure to include your name, location, and to which band your question is directed. Then, look for your responses in the mobile mag.

Take Action! Tour official site

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