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Stoley P.T.

Lesson #1, Stoley P.T.’s debut album, bursts with rambunctious, noisy, power-pop. Hailing from New York by way of Neverland, Stoley P.T. is led by a former member of the largely forgettable Lupins, known almost solely for their contribution to the Dumb & Dumber soundtrack.

Teetering between bare-bones guitar-and-drums rock and swirling, synth-filled, sugary pop, Stoley P.T.’s debut sounds like the work of a rebellious kid going kicking and screaming into maturity. The sub-two-minute track, “Cat Bong,” is built for pogoing at an all-ages venue as Stoley wails about “fucking up dumb stuff.”

“T.Y.S.” does employ a horn section and more streamlined pop hooks, but don’t put the frontman in a suit just yet — that same track finds Stoley comfortably dissing your mom and shouting, “We told you so.” Maybe Lesson #1 is to never grow up.

Stoley P.T. tour dates:

4/6, New York, NY (Pussycat Lounge) 4/18, New York, NY (Continental) 4/21, Chicago, IL (The Beat Kitchen) 4/22, Detroit, MI (Paycheck’s Lounge)

Stoley P.T. official site