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Pixies Documentary Premieres at SXSW

Before Frank Black hits the road with the Pixies for a few select dates, fans will get a chance to see what really went on when the band reformed for its 2004 reunion tour.

loudQuietloud, which will premiere during SXSW, chronicles the band’s year-long trek, from the first rehearsals, to the closing dates. The documentary includes live footage and behind-the-scenes coverage, and allows a glimpse into the residual disdain that was still apparent in the band 12 years after disbanding.

“It was surprising to see how utterly human this band was, particularly in comparison to their idolized image,” co-director Steven Cantor, who directed the 2003 television movie, “Willie Nelson: Still is Still Moving,” told “They were all coping with pretty standard mid-life issues, and meanwhile all these sold-out crowds were going crazy over them.”

The film also touches on each member personally, from bassist Kim Deal’s attempts to stay sober, to Black’s struggle to juggle the tour and his relationship with his girlfriend and children.

No release date has been set yet, but the film will screen on April 26 in Los Angeles and during New York’s Tribeca Film Festival, after premiering at SXSW.

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