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Dungeon Master

By: KyleAnderson

As far as the very vocal readers of Spinare concerned, My Chemical Romance are some powerful wizards indeed,with enough mojo to conjure up the Readers Poll Band of the Year, Songof the Year, and Cover of the Year awards, and to win the distinctionof Sex God for their frontman, Gerard Way. Though he may be toopowerful to pick up a telephone anymore, Way IM’d with us fromAustralia (hysterical MCR fans, please note that it is not his real AOLscreen name) to revel in the approval of his fans and explain hisfascination with longswords.

SpinMag: Hey, Gerard. It’s Kyle from Spin. Where are you?
NotOkayHelena: I’m on foot in Australia on a Sidekick.
NotOkayHelena: I’m surrounded by ferocious hotels.
SpinMag: Congratulations on basically sweeping the Readers Poll. My Chemical Romance won Band of the Year. Who’d you like to thank?
NotOkayHelena: The fans!
NotOkayHelena: We have the bestfans in the world, actually. They’re a newer, unafraid, more dangerousmodel. But dangerous in a positive way.
SpinMag: Who got your Band of the Year vote? Outside of yourselves, of course.
NotOkayHelena: Green Day!
NotOkayHelena: Green Day was the story of the year and the comeback of the decade.
NotOkayHelena: Now I’m on a ferry!
NotOkayHelena: We’re also, like, two sides of the same coin, I feel.
SpinMag: How do you mean?
NotOkayHelena: We both comefrom the same kind of place…basements, vans…that’s our world. Wewere both thrust into a position of importance…and both bands give ashit about these kids…they aren’t a demographic to exploit…they arelike a weapon.
NotOkayHelena: Exiting ferry.
SpinMag: Has Billie Joe offered up any sagelike wisdom to you?
NotOkayHelena: Tons of it…all very valuable…he gave me the courage to be a leader, to inspire others, embrace that and be fearless.
SpinMag: “Helena” was voted Song of the Year by our readers. Did you ever think a song about a grandmother would become so huge?
NotOkayHelena: I did have somesense it was going to be huge, but it almost had to be to honor a womanso amazing. When she died, I told her we would make a record so fuckingloud that she would hear it all the way in heaven…or wherever it isyou go. I was worried about it being huge because it was so personal –I didn’t want to exploit my pain and her death.
SpinMag: Did people make those accusations?
NotOkayHelena: Not to myknowledge. I was more concerned with my own accusations. You can’t bein something unique and creative if you give a fuck what people sayabout you.
SpinMag: Shifting gears a bit,you beat out Trent Reznor and Pete Wentz for the Sex God award. Whatmakes you sexier than those guys (and everybody else, for that matter)?
NotOkayHelena: Hahahahaha
NotOkayHelena: I can’t honestlysay what makes me sexy…I don’t feel very sexy…that whole part of itis weird…seeing yourself, a recovering drug addict and alcoholic, onthe cover of Teen Beat…it doesn’t make any sense.
NotOkayHelena: I am who I am…there’s no façade…no put on…and being voted sexiest doesn’t concern me…maybe that’s the sexy part.
NotOkayHelena: Stab wounds are sexy to me, though.
SpinMag: You know the guys from the Strokes are probably super concerned they didn’t win this year.
NotOkayHelena: Hahahaha
NotOkayHelena: They are kind of sexy, though.
SpinMag: I bet they’re upset they were usurped by an up-and-comer.
NotOkayHelena: No one likes the new kid in school.
NotOkayHelena: Because he smells weird and has a penchant for leather and the homoerotic.
SpinMag: My Chemical Romanceshowed up in a couple “worst” categories, as well. In fact, the coveryou guys appeared on [in June] was voted both Best and Worst Spin Cover of the Year. Why do you think you’re polarizing?
NotOkayHelena: We’re not in this to be everyone’s friend.
NotOkayHelena: People that don’t get it can fuck right off.
NotOkayHelena: Hahahaha
SpinMag: I know you’ll be proud of this — your band won Best Live Act.
NotOkayHelena: That is probablythe greatest honor. To win Best Live Act is exhilarating. We got goodbecause the kids got good, and we work our asses off. There’s nothingrehearsed, synchronized, or planned — it is a live show in the verysense of the word.
NotOkayHelena: When we playlive, it’s like saying, “We mean this more than anything. This may bethe last time we ever take a stage, so don’t fuck with us.”
NotOkayHelena: “You’re either with us or against us.”
SpinMag: What Dungeons & Dragons character do you play as?
NotOkayHelena: I can tell you exactly.
NotOkayHelena: A half-elvin ranger, specializing in bows and longswords. And I always wear a hooded cloak.
SpinMag: You mean your character wears one, or you physically wear a cloak when you play?
NotOkayHelena: Hahahaha. My character…and studded leather armor.
NotOkayHelena: Because you need to protect yourself.
SpinMag: I think that’d be a good look for you. Maybe it’s a concept for the second record — “My Chemical Romance goes Kiss.”
SpinMag: Does the band have any new year’s resolutions?
NotOkayHelena: None so far…I guess we’ll just keep it real.
SpinMag: Just like a gangsta rapper.
NotOkayHelena: Oh yeah. We’re street as fuck.