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The Boy Least Likely To

By: Jessica Grose

EXCLUSIVE: World premiere of TBLLT’s new video! Click the links in the right column and watch “Be Gentle With Me.”Once upon a time in faraway land called Buckinghamshire, England, two sweater-clad, Panda Cola-loving lads named Jof and Peter started a band. They sang about strawberries and peaches and cherry trees and fishes and worms, and they played the glockenspiel while holding hands. These boys were scared of being adults, dealing with things like mortgages and unwanted pregnancies and other messy entanglements, so they remained in their rainbow-filled wonderland and called their band the Boy Least Likely To, as in the boy least likely to grow up. They even created cartoon alter egos: Bunnies and chickies hold instruments and balloons on their album cover.

Then something remarkable happened. The Boy Least Likely To recorded a bunch of pretty, lo-fi songs with an acoustic guitar. They traveled on “sunshine buses,” like in the song “Hugging My Grudge,” and they compared fur to, well, fur, on “Fur Soft as Fur.” Their work ended up in a magical netherworld called the Internet and all the puppies and kittens who kept things called blogs wanted to have a big party for the Boy Least Likely To. The party was so joyful and full of cupcakes and ponies that the Boy named his album The Best Party Ever.

For Christmastime, the Boy Least Likely To made a little song for all their friends to play as they decorated the tree. The song, “Little Donkey,” is an encouraging ditty about a little donkey who will not give up on his long journey to Bethlehem. The donkey knows that with the Boy Least Likely To singing about him, he will make it to Bethlehem for Christmas, and then go twee, twee, twee all the way home.

The Best Party Ever arrives in U.S. stores this April, and the Boy will skip around the country in the weeks prior to the release, beginning with appearances at the South by Southwest music festival.

The Boy Least Likely To tour dates:

3/16-3/18, Austin, TX (SXSW) 3/20, Los Angeles, CA (Spaceland) 3/22, San Francisco, CA (Popscene)3/24, Seattle, WA (Crocodile Cafe)3/28, Chicago, IL (Schuba’s)3/31, Boston, MA (The Pill at Great Scott) 4/1, New York, NY (Tiswas 2.0 at the Annex)4/4, New York, NY (Album Release Party, Venue TBA)

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