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The Five O’Clock Heroes

By: Jessica Grose

In hip-hop, there have been many odes to the feminine form — particularly the part known in popular parlance as “the booty.” Generally, the size and form of the booty is expounded upon and hailed as revolutionary, but on their latest single, “White Girls,” neo-new wavers the Five O’Clock Heroes have a more subtle approach to the backside, only vaguely referring to a lady’s nether regions. “I’ve seen you from behind,” singer Antony Ellis intones. “You know what’s on my mind.” He never says straight up that he likes big butts and he cannot lie, but we all know what Ellis is really talking about.

Maybe it’s the Five O’Clock Heroes’ British half that makes their lyrics more demure: Frontman Antony Ellis and drummer Patrick Fowler are both from across the pond, while guitarist Elliot Thompson and bassist Nader Kheirbeck wave the Yankee flag (the band reside in New York City). They also channel the proud punk of the Clash and the catchy pop of the Police. There’s even some ska worked into “Anyone Home,” off the Heroes’ debut EP, Head Games.

The Five O’Clock Heroes’ first full-length album, Bend to the Breaks, is slated for a spring 2006 release. After playing a slew of shows all over the U.K. in October and November, the Heroes are taking a break from touring, though they played a one-off for their NYC following on Dec. 6, opening for U.K. sensations the Subways, and they’ll open Spin‘s Year in Music party next week. The “White Girls” single is out now via Stolen Transmission in the U.S.

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