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Audioslave in Africa, Studio

Tom Morello, performing under his alternate moniker the Nightwatchman, took the stage earlier this month for a surprise set in Nairobi, Kenya. Morello’s family has a storied history in the African city: His parents met there, and his great uncle was Jomo Kenyatta, the first president of Kenya after the country threw off the yoke of British colonialism. When Morello dons his Nightwatchman title, he plays acoustic guitar and harmonica instead of Audioslave-style hard rock. “From kick ass rock n’ roll to political folk tunes, music clearly transcends all borders,” Morello told Aussie website

Chris Cornell, the other driving force behind Audioslave, posted in a message on the band’s website earlier this month announcing that the band is working on a new album with producer Brenden O’Brien. “We were lucky enough to be able to perform four of those [new] songs at certain shows on this last North American tour and we are very happy to be recording so quickly after Out of Exile was released. Not long after this we will be back out on the road.”

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