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You Could Have it So Much Sexier…with Franz Ferdinand

Air’s 1998 hit “Sexy Boy” has been covered by several differentbands already: The Kinky Boys’ version of “Sexy Boy” appears on the Queer as Folk U.K. soundtrack, while Jasmine Trias’ version turns up on compilations like Gayfest 2000: Freeedom in the 21st Century and Sex, Swords, and Sandals: Epic Anthems for the NRG Arena.Franz Ferdinand has their own take on the slinky, sultry “Sexy Boy,”and it appears on the forthcoming U.K. single for “Walk Away,” outDecember 5. According to, the CD version of the single willinclude “Walk Away” and “Sexy Boy,” while the 7” will have an acousticversion of “The Fallen” instead. “Walk Away” is the second single offFranz’s latest album You Could Have It So Much Better…With Franz Ferdinand.The band will also release a DVD in the U.K. on November 21 with thevideo for “Walk Away,” and a segment on the making of said video.

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