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Ninja High School

Let’s pretend that hardcore dance-rap quintet Ninja High School is exactly what it sounds like: a tangible institution, with classrooms and such, obligatorily nestled in the town of Ninja. Now, pretend you are enrolled at NHS.

Scared? You should be.

Because — holy crap — Ninja High School is crazy. Like, awesomely crazy. And inspired by Crazy Town: Matt Collins formed the band in 2003, allegedly upon hearing a Crazy Town song and being inspired to create something that didn’t suck quite as much. The result is Young Adults Against Suicide, an album showing off the Toronto-based band’s penchant for tracks so spectacularly upbeat that the gazillion f-bombs they drop whiz by faster than you can say, “You’re my butterfly, sugar, baby.”

The entire chorus of “Jam Band Death Cult,” for example, consists of the chant “So shut the fuck up / ‘Cause this is what’s up!” In the next track, “It’s All Right to Fight,” the High School shouts repeatedly, “You’re going home in a fucking ambulance!” (Exclamation points in both cases: unbelievably warranted.) So what are these raucous Canadians hootin’ and cussin’ about? Nothing. Lead yeller Collins and fellow Ninjas Gregory Collins, Star DT, Anna Cvitkovic, Adrian Cvitkovic, and Steven Kado (advanced hyping) haven’t got a shtick, other than the Crazy Town stimulus, to explain the origin of their music (i.e., being “abandoned as a child,” experiencing a “life-altering relationship,” getting “shot in the face multiple times”). It’s simply all about effing fast times at Ninja High.

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