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North American Halloween Prevention Initiative

Most benefit songs in pop music history aim at stamping out world hunger, child poverty, or social injustices, and they do so with grandiose lyrics performed in pompous videos by an all-star cast. “Do They Know It’s Hallowe’en” instead aims at stamping out another potentially dangerous global problem: Halloween itself. With its own all-star cast (at least from the perspective of Spin readers) and an absolutely genius video, this opus — co-written by Islands (and ex-Unicorns) member Nicholas Diamonds and Dessert’s Adam Gollner — is raising money for UNICEF in a suave, barstool-intellectual sort of way.

So listen close for vocals from the Arcade Fire, Beck, Karen O, Thurston Moore, David Cross, Rilo Kiley, Sum 41, Wolf Parade, and many more in the amazing animated video (watch), and go buy the song to help out a great charity.

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