NIN Drummer Jerome Dillon Leaves Tour

After two hospitalizations post-grueling US performances, Jerome Dillon has opted to leave the Nine Inch Nails/ Queens of the Stone Age tour. Dillon’s health issues stem from a congenital heart condition, and he’s currently undergoing tests. According to a statement from frontman Trent Reznor on the band’s website, “At this present time, [Jerome’s] performing live with us places him in a potentially very harmful situation.” Reznor also reiterated that Dillon’s problems are congenital, not acquired: “Dillon does not have a drinking or drug problem,” Reznor expressed, “His illness is not the result of abuse, nor are there any purposefully vague statements about what’s really going on with him. I am sure he is as frustrated and upset with the situation as everybody else.” The two NIN performances that were postponed because of Dillon’s illness have been rescheduled. The September 16 date in San Diego will be on November 20, while the September 30 Oakland date will be made up on November 19.

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