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Manson Explores the Rabbit Hole

The never-boring Marilyn Manson has diversified. He’s bringing his perverse and unique sense of the world to a new art form: film. Manson has been working on an flick called Phantasmagoria, a movie about the life of Alice In Wonderland author Lewis Carroll, written and directed by Marilyn himself. Not to worry, all you Manson devotees: He hasn’t abandoned music entirely. Manson told that his new songs “have probably the most romantic feel to them.” He says the songs are inspired in large part by his fiancée, burlesque queen Dita von Teese. The songs are pretty sexual too, if not in content, definitely in spirit. “We often get sent to the house — the wife and I — an assortment of sexual marital aids that are also very useful as instruments,” Manson said to VH1. “When hitting a rubber penis against a leather couch, I found a bass-drum sound that’s unmatched by any other.” At this point, Manson’s sixth full-length album is finished, but lacks a title. Maybe he will be inspired by the sound of a butt plug banging against an ottoman.

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