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Fracas Breaks Out at Ghostface Killah Concert

Hip hop fans and performers faced off in a chaotic turn of events at a Ghostface Killah performance in Chicago last night. Patrons had been waiting over five hours for Ghostface Killah to take the stage at Joe’s Sports Bar in Chicago. When yet another opening MC, Tru Life, took the stage, the crowd began to vocally express its displeasure, according to Pitchfork. Tru Life and his back up crew only inflamed the crowd by retaliating.

An eyewitness broke down the bloody scene for Pitchfork: “Tru Life and crew began to empty their water bottles on the crowd, then started throwing them, full and empty… While this was happening, someone tossed a full water bottle and hit Tru Life directly in the face, knocking him to the ground.” The fight only escalated from there, with the crowd throwing beer bottles at Tru Life and his entourage. Tru then went to the balcony of the club and began to throw beer bottles down at the now-panicking crowd. The cops eventually came in and dispersed the crowd.

Ghostface did eventually take the stage late Friday night, but there has yet to be any public comment from his team about the earlier debacle.

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