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20 Years of Classic Photos

clippings, the ticket stubs. But what truths can we really hold when itcomes to our icons?

Even the most skilled rock journalist will onlydivine what a cornered musician wishes to reveal during the course of acarefully arranged and negotiated sit-down. It’s in the photographs,however, that we begin to get a deeper understanding. Here, we see thethings that artists can’t completely mask. In this collection oftimeless portraits from the pages of Spin — a special sectionthat kicks off our 20th-anniversary year – Beck appears quizzical andprobably is; Marilyn Manson looks demented and probably isn’t; Chuck Dseems furious, but look closer and there’s some worry too; and KurtCobain is, for a moment, at least, content. Each of these photographsreveals something uncontrollable, and something dangerously true, aboutthe artists who’ve made the last 20 yeas of rock’n’roll so exciting.Every picture indeed tells a story – only sometimes it’s not the one wewere expecting.

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