The Used, ‘Maybe Memories’ (Reprise)

‘Nuff respect to the other talented, hard-working, heavily pierced young men of the Used, but it’s all about Bert McCracken. Flaunting a loose-cannon glower somewhere between Jack Black’s and Kurt Cobain’s, venting the torments of his soul while spewing the contents of his stomach, he’s rock’s premier Utah spazz. Card-carrying McCrackheads (and even Quinn Allman–fan-site administrators) will savor every moment of this quickie DVD/CD package, meant to keep the faithful occupied while the Used work on their second album, due in 2004. The DVD includes all the band’s videos, plus an earnest, confusingly edited rockumentary featuring footage of McCracken in a compromising position with a corpulent British stripper. Non-fans will be taken aback by the visceral home-demo versions of tracks like “Zero Mechanism” and the surprisingly poignant “Alone This Holiday,” possibly the first emo-metal Christmas song.




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