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10 Awesome Ways to Market your Music Online

There is absolutely no element of surprise in the fact that the internet has revamped the music industry. The newest technologies, such as eCommerce, social media, streaming, and file sharing, present the artists with more definite platforms to present their music to a broader audience and increase the fan base. However, there is a flip to it.

Though there is an array of platforms to promote your music online, finding the right platform to market your music can be a daunting task. Fret no more. We have come up with ten of the best ways to help you market your music online.

So, let us get started and address these tips one by one.


Having a website should be your number one priority when aspiring to market and promote your music online. Of course, you can create a simple website, but if you need some text content on the website to promote your music, you can seek help from experts at TopAssignmentExpertsEven though their primary work is to help students with their assignments, you can easily find experts to help you with web content.

Having a website is pivotal because it provides your fans with a platform to locate you. So, a website can be a great way to market your music online.

Electronic press kit

You can understand EPF as the resume of your band. Some of the vital inclusions in the Electronic Press Kit are photos, music, bio, press coverage, tour dates, links of your previous work, and the correspondence address or number.

In addition, you must have EPK on hand anytime you book shows, release new albums, or connect with other folks from the industry.

Create a blog

Another way to market your music is by having a blog. You can use it either as a standalone or as an extension to your website. There are experts at EduworldUSA who can help you with content that you put up on your blog. Search engines love blogs. So, it can be an excellent way to boost your social presence and heighten the reach for your music.

Your blog can be your platform to interact with the audience and fans. You can share about upcoming music or album that you are working on or the next tours where they can catch you live.

In addition to it, you can use the blog as a medium for your fans to know you better.


Facebook has long been regarded as one of the most remarkable platforms for new musicians wanting to promote music online. But, unfortunately, it has been getting hard for the new musicians to reach their fans organically in the last couple of years.

However, that does not mean that it cannot be used now when you have to promote your music. The only problem is you will have to spend some bucks. So, if you have the budget to spare, you can use the Ads Manager of Facebook and get your music to a wider audience.

Generally speaking, Facebook is a powerful social media platform, which can be employed for managing, creating, and measuring ad campaigns. However, for someone new to it, things can be a little tricky at the start. But if you put in some time and effort, you can adapt to it.

Overall, Facebook is truly one of the most affordable platforms to promote your music online.

Niche communities

Another phenomenal way to market your music online is sharing your music in the music communities from the same niche as yours. Such communities will have people with congenial music interests.

To ensure that you target the right niche community, you must first identify and know your target audience and then dig all the places where your audiences consume the music. An array of tools can help you know more about your audiences. Some such tools are YouTube or Facebook’s Audience Insights tool. Since people in niche communities already have the same music taste, getting acceptance from them is fairly easier.

Email list

There is no denying that social media is pivotal for marketing, but the problem with social media is that it is ruled by algorithms. So, your followers may or may not see your posts. Such is not the case with your email list.

If someone is on your email list, they will certainly receive your email. You can create a newsletter to keep all your subscribers informed about the newest happenings associated with your music and band. Need help with the content of newsletters? You can find experts at ThanksForTheHelp to guide you.

Have your YouTube channel

YouTube is a hub for musicians. You can find artists you have heard of on the platform and many that you haven’t ever heard of. As a matter of fact, many now-famous musicians were recognized back in time from their YouTube channel.

So, put up your work, and you are sure going to gain some followers.

Host it on iTunes and Apple Music

iTunes and Apple Music is the default music service for all Apple products. It is one of the most extensive music libraries globally and is known to have music from musicians around the world. Check out the newest version of Apple Music.

You will see that the platform now has the ‘discover’ section, wherein the users can find new musicians and tunes that are similar to the music that they are already listening to. So, this can be an excellent platform for you to get noticed.


If you aspire to have some quick interactions and share real-time updates with your fans, then Twitter should be your go-to platform. It is an incredible social media platform where you can host Question and Answer sessions, put forth your thoughts on the new and trending topics, post set lists, and do a lot more on the music front.

Alternatively, Twitter’s search function can be employed to find out the people searching for music similar to yours and the artist’s from the same genre as you. Also, you can indulge in a hearty chat with them.


Lastly, you can also use Instagram to promote your music online. Instagram has more than one billion active users. In the past couple of years, its popularity has seen a massive surge.

So, you can record your music and share reels, go on live and sing for your followers, or put up IGTV videos for longer videos.

If your voice is soothing and enchanting enough, you can easily attract a wider audience.