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  • Young Prisms

    Watch Young Prisms' Wistful Dream-Pop 'Runner' Video

    Young Prisms spent chunks of last year on the road with Dum Dum Girls and Tamaryn, and the woozy dream-pop of 2012's In Between neatly merges the former group's bubblebum directness with the latter's tidal pull. As our own Melissa Giannini poetically put it, "Sun-bleached gazers shed some reverb and slowdive into Mazzy waters." The new video for In Between's "Runner" focuses on free-spirited youths whose innocent revelries are juxtaposed now and then with images of a thoughtful little boy and an unlucky silver-haired man. The effect is sort of like what you might imagine a road trip with Dum Dum Girls and Tamaryn could be like. Beautifully stoned good times tinged with paranoiacally stoned awareness that this, too, shall pass.

  • Muse, Matthew Bellamy, Supremacy, video

    Muse's 'Supremacy' Video Amusingly Underscores Why Right-Wingers Love Them

    If Muse want to understand why their music keeps getting "hijacked by the right," as they told the Observer last year, well, they might want to listen to their records."Supremacy," from dystopia-worthy sixth album The 2nd Law, opens with iron-fisted guitar-drums interplay that could keep the trains running on time. That's topped with jabbing strings worthy of Darth Vader's Galactic Empire or a James Bond villain.Then, with the theatrical vibrato of an Andrew Lloyd Webber leading man, Matthew Bellamy sings these words: "Wake to see your true emancipation is a fantasy / Policies have risen up and overcome the brave / Greatness dies." Man, what on earth would the aging white folks who compare to Obama to Hitler enjoy about that?As NME points out, this proggy call to revolution now has a video.

  • Ryan Lochte, Nirvana, Nevermind, ESPN

    Sex Idiot Ryan Lochte Reenacts Peen-less Nirvana 'Nevermind' Album Cover

    Those of us who thought about last summer's London Olympics more in terms of Blur and the Spice Girls than "individual medleys" and "world records" might dimly remember that time some guy tried to trademark the catchphrase "jeah." Well, that guy's name was Ryan Lochte, and apparently he won five overall medals as a swimmer at those very same Olympics. He's also known for being extraordinarily inarticulate, which at one point earned him a 30 Rock walk-on role as what Tina Fey described as a "sex idiot."As Gawker points out, ESPN the Magazine obviously knows who Lochte is, and they've had him pose for a recreation of Nirvana's iconic Nevermind cover. Unlike the baby, he's wearing a Speedo, but his junk is weirdly invisible even as a polyester-wrapped protuberance. Is it as horrifying as Lil Wayne's recent Nevermind Photoshop?

  • Local Natives on 'Fallon'

    Local Natives Lift 'Heavy Feet' on 'Fallon' as Jim James Joins the Roots

    Local Natives pull off the neat trick of combining uptight intricacy with hippie-friendly looseness. Melding "drum-circle brawn and chamber-pop beauty," as our own Rob Harvilla put in his review of the Los Angeles band's sophomore album, Hummingbird. For instance, the new record's "Heavy Feet" mixes whirling, precise drumming with delicate, slightly melancholy harmonies, leaving fans either to marvel at the meticulous performance or get lost in the vibe, man.Despite its fastidious construction, the song actually lends itself to help from guests — peep the National's Aaron Dressner joining Local Natives onstage at last Friday night's Brooklyn show. So it's a bit of a shame My Morning Jacket's Jim James, who played Late Night With Jimmy Fallon on Monday night and stuck around last night as a guest vocalist with the Roots, didn't throw his estimable voice into the mix.

  • Lamb of God's Randy Blythe on TV Nova

    Lamb of God's Randy Blythe Challenges Witnesses as Czech Manslaughter Trial Begins

    By the end of the week, Randy Blythe's freedom will be out of his hands. That's when the Lamb of God frontman's trial for manslaughter is expected to be complete. Blythe has returned to the Czech Republic to face accusations of pushing 19-year-old fan Daniel Nosek off the stage during the Virginia metal band's 2010 show in Prague; Nosek died two weeks later, reportedly of head injuries. Video footage above from Czech-language TV Nova (via Blabbermouth) shows Blythe in the courtroom, his hair newly short and his expression generally respectful.During today's proceedings, as Virginia's WTVR reports, Blythe questioned witnesses who testified against him. Some of the witnesses were friends of Nosek, while others knew Milan Poranek, whom Blythe has acknowledged pushing off the stage at the same concert.

  • Mikal Cronin

    Mikal Cronin's 'Shout It Out' Sweetly Screams Noise-Pop Mastery

    Mikal Cronin might currently be best known for his work with Ty Segall, but there's a reason his solo album isn't titled Slaughterhouse. And it's not just because fellow California garage-rocker Segall already used it for one of his three (or was it three million?) albums last year. "Shout It Out," from Cronin's May 7 album MCII — his second overall and first for Merge Records — is melodic, jangling, hand-clapping, #90-hashtagging indie rock; sure, there's plenty of distortion, piss, and vinegar, but you don't ever worry that Black Sabbath are about to bite off some poor critter's head here. Instead, you're more concerned that somebody might've broken poor Cronin's heart. "Shit goes on and on and on," dude proclaims, between deceptively sugary oohs, until, shit, you remember that time somebody broke yours.San Fran Garage-Pop Craftsman Mikal Cronin Talks Merge Debut

  • Bored Spies

    Hear Bored Spies' Abstract-Rock Single 'Gerbils E'

    Bored Spies are currently based in Singapore, South Korea, and Arizona, but they have a minimalist rock style that spans from Talk Talk's London to Mazzy Star's Southern California. Led by Singaporean singer-guitarist Cherie Ko, the recently formed band also features former members of underground mainstays Seam and Bitch Magnet. "Gerbils E" is one side of Bored Spies' new debut single, with "Summer 720" on the flip. Recorded in two weekends with Brad Wood, this dynamics-shifting slowcore burner has more in common with the producer's work with atmospheric bands like Tortoise and the Fire Theft than his more famous records by Liz Phair and Smashing Pumpkins. Bored Spies are already set to play Primavera and have U.K. and U.S. tour dates in the works.

  • Dave Grohl on 'Chelsea Lately'

    Watch Dave Grohl Mock Beyonce and Britney Spears as 'Chelsea Lately' Guest Host

    The last time Dave Grohl filled in as a guest host on E! late-night show Chelsea Lately, he revealed he'd made out with Kid Rock's mother. That must not have been enough to discourage the Foo Fighters frontman and former Nirvana drummer from returning to late-night duties, because he'll be pitching in again on Chelsea Lately every night this week, at 11 p.m. EST/10 p.m. CST. No word on whether Kid Rock's mom will be there.A few clips from Grohl's current guest-hosting stint are already on YouTube.

  • Jim James on 'Fallon'

    Jim James and the Roots Start 'A New Life' and Help It Grow on 'Fallon'

    "All I've really done solo before is play guitar and sing," Jim James said of live performances recently in an interview with SPIN's David Marchese. "I want a different experience." James delivered one last night on Late Night With Jimmy Fallon."A New Life," a '50s-bopping standout from the leonine My Morning Jacket frontman's first solo album under his own name, Regions of Light and Sound of God (out today on ATO), blossoms and grows like a new life of its own; the performance begins with James singing solo, then gradually swells until it culminates with help from the Roots, an orchestra, and marching-band percussion.James could probably go on playing forever with MMJ, one of the current era's quintessential festival bands, but this performance shows he can indeed start a whole other new life as a solo artist, simultaneously intimate and all-encompassing.

  • Chris Cornell and Dave Grohl from 'By Crooked Steps (Behind the Scenes)'

    Soundgarden and Dave Grohl Go Behind the Scenes of Playful 'By Crooked Steps' Video

    The Dave Grohl-directed video for Soundgarden's King Animal growler "By Crooked Steps" puts a lighthearted spin on the intensely riffing music, making room for a Segway-riding motorcycle gang, a hipster DJ, and Deadmau5.A new behind-the-scenes clip details the making of the video, including interviews with Soundgarden, Grohl, Deadmau5, the actor playing the DJ, and the actress who plays the sloppily making-out bartender. It turns out the idea came to Grohl almost fully formed. "I kind of come up with these little videos in my head," he says. Cornell calls the video "an awesome contrast to the song." Let them tell the story, above.Of course, Grohl has another directorial project out in the world these days, the Sound City documentary, which you can download now.

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