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  • Jay-Z, 'Magna Carta Holy Grail,' cover art

    Jay-Z Unveils Actual 'Magna Carta' Art Next to Actual Magna Carta

    Let the backlash to the backlash begin. If Jay-Z is trying to lower expectations for upcoming album Magna Carta Holy Grail, he's doing a fantastic job. The name itself was funny, the platinum-already (already!) marketing deal with Samsung was obnoxious, the '90s rock references were ridiculous, and the fact he had Rick Rubin in his promotional video without having Rick Rubin involved in the album (per XXL) was just puzzling. Also, Frank Ocean on a song titled "Oceans"?Now, Jay-Z has revealed that the purported cover art for his opus is not the actual cover art, and everything about the announcement is corny. The artwork is a black-and-white photo of two classical statues, with Jay-Z's name on the cover in black, except there's a line through it.

  • Thom Yorke

    Thom Yorke Gets Knocked Down, But He Gets Up Again

    The guy who somehow makes gawky dance moves look smooth can also tumble like a champ. Thom Yorke's ability to shake his "Paranoid Android" booty has generated no amount of praise around here: Radiohead's "Lotus Plaza" video, Atoms for Peace's "Ingenue" video, and various other GIF-baiting clips. So it is with some dismay we point out that Yorke got low and hit the floor in the sense of actually falling and hitting the floor during Atoms for Peace's recent, secret-ish Club Amok show in Los Angeles.

  • Beck

    Watch Beck Cover Michael Jackson, T. Rex, and the Velvet Underground Live in Paris

    Beck performed last night in Paris as part of Festival Days Off, and he dipped into his formidable repertoire of covers, as you can see — or, at least, hear — from the mostly blurry fan videos below.One of Beck's covers was a fairly faithful take on the Velvet Underground's sweetly devastating comedown "Sunday Morning," from 1967's masterful The Velvet Underground & Nico; Beck previously released a video cover of "Sunday Morning" in 2009 to launch his Record Club project.Beck also tried at his one-gloved — we wish — hand at Michael Jackson's "Billie Jean," originally, of course, from a little 1982 LP called Thriller. The King of Alt blended his King of Pop impression with a stab at T. Rex's indelible "Bang a Gong (Get It On)," from the U.K. glam-rockers' 1971 landmark Electric Warrior.

  • The Chills

    The Chills' First New Song in Forever, 'Molten Gold,' Is Another Heavenly Pop Hit

    The Chills' comeback is not like other indie-rock comebacks. For starters, they were never really "here" in the first place: Despite being one of the stand-bearers for New Zealand's fuzzily melodic kiwi pop movement, and being responsible for 1984's crushingly beautiful "Pink Frost," they never quite cracked the U.S. market. On top of that, they broke up at least twice before, once in the early '80s and again in the mid '90s. At the same time, they never really went away, either: They've kept playing shows in New Zealand, and the classic kiwi pop style can still be heard in various indie bands, not least the Chills' new Fire Records labelmates Surf City or Scott & Charlene's Wedding. No wonder, then, that the Chills' new song "Molten Gold" stays true to their scruffy, poetic charms.

  •, Pharrell

    Pharrell Goes ('Green Eggs and') Ham on in Stupid 'I Am' Legal Fight

    Pharrell went there. "I am," the phrase that claims is his trademark and can't be part of Pharrell's, has obviously been around since before the Black Eyed Peas. But has, for better or worse, so thoroughly entangled himself in the pop culture it's easy to forget his name in particular resembles the name of the demented breakfast-food colorist in Dr. Seuss's Green Eggs and Ham.Well, Pharrell's lawyers didn't forget, and they brought up the Suessian similarity in a new lawsuit filed against As TMZ reports, citing a complaint in a New York federal court, Pharrell is asking a judge to sign off on his continued use of the "I Am Other" brand. In the suit, Pharrell claims has slapped him with a cease-and-desist letter.The key difference, Pharrell's argument goes, comes down to the late Theodor Seuss Geisel.

  • M.I.A.

    M.I.A.'s Latest Shrill Banger May Be Titled 'Only 1 U,' But It's Not a Love Song

    M.I.A. has always delivered zeitgeist-conscious party music with a revolutionary stance, and rightly so given her pedigree, but lately the messages have been more ear-catching than the delivery. A new track being called "Only 1 U," which premiered on Internet radio station NTS (via Pitchfork), is a case in point. Most artists would slap a title like that on some type of love song, but Maya's themes here are more humanist. She's interested in the value of people versus the value of money.M.I.A.'s previous, Public Enemy- and Janis Joplin-nodding track, "Bring the Noize," includes its share of lyrical clunkers — "The truth is like a rotten tooth, you gotta spit it out," for one — but what may turn out to be its most memorable moment is an attack on the financial system: "It's not me and you / It's the fucking banks," she seethes. "Only 1 U" is similar. M.I.A.

  • Vic and Gab

    Stream Vic and Gab's Sweetly Jangling 'Love of Mine' Album

    Vic and Gab won't release their full-length debut album, Love of Mine, until July 9 via Blue Lola Records, but you can hear the whole thing exclusively below. The Milwaukee sister duo has previously shared the winsome, emotive "Come and Stay" and a sun-dappled video for the effervescent, similarly lovesick "Let You Down." The full album reveals how deeply Victoriah and Hannah Gabriela plumb their jangling, melody-oriented niche, from keyboard-anchored anthem "Crazy Love" to bouncy call-to-dance "When You Walk in the Room." This love of theirs is specific and subtle, but they know it well, and it shows.115015:playlist:Vic and Gab, Love of Mine:

  • Phoenix,

    Phoenix's 'Trying to Be Cool'-'Drakkar Noir' Video Overflows With Creativity

    Phoenix have raised questions throughout their career about the lines between Meaningless Trash and Meaningful Art. Frontman Thomas Mars told SPIN the lyrics to "Trying to Be Cool," from this year's Bankrupt!, mainly analyze "the beauty of the fake." That's a beauty the Creators Project and Spanish directors CANADA pull off winningly in the new video for the song. More specifically, the video is for the band's frequent live medley of "Trying to Be Cool" and "Drakkar Noir," which fascinatingly jumps from debating innocence and cynicism to ask, "Do we have to know what truth is?" The visuals here are extraordinarily calculating in their attention to innocent pleasures, from ping-pong tricks, cannon fire, and bubbles to a choreographed dance routine at the end. Might simply raising the questions be more important than answering them? It's certainly truer.

  • Beck,

    Hear Beck's Gleaming, Synth-Spangled Road Anthem 'I Won't Be Long'

    Beck has been nothing but unpredictable lately, and so far it's working for him. Now the shape-shifting Los Angeles artist has unveiled the dreamy yet precisely sculpted "I Won't Be Long," which follows up the Panda Bear-dazzled psych-pop of last month's "Defriended."The laconically drawled verse lyrics about "the country station" and "broken air-condition" effectively summon up the open road: "No one has a clue where we are," Beck declares, but the airy chorus, which wouldn't sound out of place on a recent M83 or Washed Out album, insists differently. The extended instrumental breakdowns are pointedly meandering."I Won't Be Long" will be available on 12-inch vinyl backed with a 15-minute extended mix; order it here. You can also still order "Defriended," which likewise comes with a lengthy "extended mix" on the flip side.

  • Kris Kross

    Kris Kross' Chris Kelly Died of Drug Overdose

    An investigator with the Georgia medical office has confirmed what Kris Kross fans already feared. Chris Kelly, the 34-year-old rapper known to millions as "Mac Daddy," had a mix of drugs in his body when he was pronounced dead on May 1, a toxicology screening found. That's according to Betty Honey of Atlanta's Fulton County Medical Examiner's office, as reported by the AP. Kelly and "Daddy Mac" Smith formed the early-'90s hip-hop duo behind such hits as "Jump" and "Warm It Up." A funeral service for Kelly took place in Atlanta on May 9, with Smith, producer Jermaine Dupri, and members of the '90s R&B group Xscape in attendance.Kelly was found unresponsive by paramedics on a couch in his Atlanta home.

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