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Dance Tracks of the Week: DJ Marfox Throws a ‘Lucky Punch’ for Lit City Trax

DJ Marfox, Lucky Punch EP (Lit City Trax) When Planet Mu's Mike Paradinas put together his recent "Trancework" mix — a set of footwork remixe…
Philip Sherburne / May 2, 2014

Dance Tracks of the Week: Blondes ‘Rewire’ Techno Four Different Ways

Blondes, Rewire (RVNG) With last year's Swisher, New York's Blondes took a metaphorical scrap of sandpaper to the sound they had established a few year…
Philip Sherburne / April 25, 2014

Dance Tracks of the Week: Radio Slave Goes Sleepless for Boddika’s Nonplus Label

Radio Slave, "Don't Stop No Sleep" (Nonplus) It's odd to see Radio Slave turning up on Boddika's Nonplus Records, but "Don't Stop No Sleep" make…
Philip Sherburne / April 18, 2014

Dance Tracks of the Week: The Central Executives Take ‘A Walk in the Dark’

The Central Executives, A Walk in the Dark (Golf Channel) Whoever the Golf Channel label's Central Executives are, they have an exceptionally clear vision of…
Philip Sherburne / April 15, 2014

Dance Tracks of the Week: Glasser Soars on ‘Shape Remixes’ from Deetron, Hyetal, Visionist

Glasser, Shape Remixes (True Panther) Funny the difference six months can make. Glasser's Interiors didn't really stick with me when it was released back i…
Philip Sherburne / April 4, 2014

Evian Christ’s ‘Waterfall’ Will Scare the Be-‘Yeezus’ Out of You

Evian Christ, Waterfall (Tri Angle) Maybe it was all his stylist's doing, but Joshua Leary — Evian Christ to us — didn't come across a…
Philip Sherburne / March 13, 2014

London Grime Thrives on ‘Boxed Vol. 1,’ and More Dance Tracks of the Week

Various, Boxed Vol. 1 (Boxed London) Boxed Vol. 1 is a free compilation put together to celebrate the first anniversary of the roving London grime…
Philip Sherburne / March 6, 2014

Coldplay Go Moonlighting in the Balearic-Techno ‘Midnight,’ and More Dance Tracks of the Week

Coldplay, "Midnight" (Parlophone) SPIN's Dan Reilly has compared Coldplay's new single to Bon Iver in his log-cabins-and-vocoders phase, which isn't too far off the mark.
Philip Sherburne / February 27, 2014

Dance Tracks of the Week: The Martinez Brothers Enter the D.A.I.S.Y. Age

The Martinez Brothers, WARHOL*BASQUIAT*2 (mixtape) The Martinez Brothers were just 13 and 18 when they put out their debut single, "My Rendition," on Dennis Ferrer's Objektivity…
Philip Sherburne / February 20, 2014

Dance Tracks of the Week: French Techno Titan Laurent Garnier Bangs the Box, Chicago-Style

EeOo, Workout EP (Unknown to the Unknown) Might be a good idea to keep some Dramamine handy for this gut-wrenchingly turbulent new EP from EeOo,…
Philip Sherburne / February 13, 2014
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