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Method Man Returns With the Sly Banger ‘2 Minutes of Your Time’

If they gave out an EGOT award for stoner comics, Method Man would be but one Broadway show away from the gold. Having made televisio…
Dan Weiss / August 19, 2015

Raekwon Answers 20 Questions for the 20th Anniversary of ‘Only Built 4 Cuban Linx’

“It’s a great thing, man,” Raekwon says of this week’s 20th anniversary of his classic solo debut, Only Built 4 Cuban Linx…, which SPIN recently lauded…
Dan Weiss / July 31, 2015

Method Man Announces New Album, ‘The Meth Lab’

It’s been nearly a decade since Method Man put out any material (he’s done myriad collaborations, but his last solo effort was 2006’s 4:21 …The Day…
Rachel Brodsky / June 1, 2015

Method Man Calls the 88-Year Wait for Wu-Tang’s ‘Once Upon a Time in Shaolin’ ‘Stupid’

Wu-Tang Clan's upcoming Once Upon a Time in Shaolin album has already developed quite a fabled history: Only one copy will be produced, and RZA…
Dan Weiss / March 5, 2015

Wu-Tang Clan’s One-of-a-Kind Album May Be Released in 88 Years

If you’re a big Wu-Tang Clan fan, maybe it’s time to start eating better? Have a salad, go for a jog, maybe cut down o…
James Grebey / March 3, 2015

Review: Ghostface Killah’s ’36 Seasons’ Is Faster Than a Speeding Bullet

About halfway through 36 Seasons, Ghostface Killah gets his face burned off in a crack lab explosion (“Threw him twenty feet in the air,” associate…
Theon Weber / December 8, 2014

Wu-Tang Clan’s ‘A Better Tomorrow’ Video Compiles Protest Footage From New York, Ferguson

Wu-Tang Clan’s reunion record A Better Tomorrow was released earlier this week, and today, the Staten Island crew decided to share a timely video for…
Colin Joyce / December 7, 2014

Review: Wu-Tang Clan Stumble Through Middle Age on ‘A Better Tomorrow’

It’s tempting to treat what is being rumored to be the final Wu-Tang Clan album with an unnecessary amount of reverence. On “Felt,” Masta Killa…
Martin Douglas / December 2, 2014

Ghostface Killah Streams ’36 Seasons’ in Full

A few days ahead of its December 9 release, Wu-Tang staple Ghostface Killah is streaming his forthcoming record, 36 Seasons, in full over at NPR.
Rachel Brodsky / December 1, 2014

Watch the Wu-Tang Clan Cause a ‘Ruckus in B Minor’ On ‘Letterman’

The Wu-Tang Clan crashed the Late Show with David Letterman on Tuesday night, in anticipation of their new album, A Better Tomorrow, which drops December 2.
James Grebey / November 26, 2014
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