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‘God Only Knows’ How Many Musicians Are in This BBC Music Video

If you live across the pond and you're not yet super-excited for the debut of BBC Music — the omnipresent media conglomerate's new venture, described…
By: Andrew Unterberger / October 7, 2014

Brian Wilson Plans Team-Ups With Frank Ocean, Lana Del Rey, Kacey Musgraves

Brian Wilson is turning to a new generation of musical talent as the Beach Boys great works on his next album. According to a short…
By: Marc Hogan / June 11, 2014

Emile Hirsch Was a High School Freestyle Hero

In his silver screen pursuits Emile Hirsch, 28, has done everything from roughin' it in Into the Wild to scooting around the track in Speed…
By: Luke McCormick / August 2, 2013

Beach Boys’ Mike Love Explains Brian Wilson’s ‘Firing,’ Confuses Everyone

It's usually not a good idea to take sides in another family's dispute. Exhibit A: The latest twist in the Beach Boys' long-running saga of…
By: Marc Hogan / October 8, 2012

Beach Boy Fires All Other Beach Boys

Mike Love apparently surprised his fellow Beach Boys co-founders Brian Wilson and Al Jardine, plus guitarist David Marks, when he announced on Sunday that all…
By: Chris Martins / September 26, 2012

Mitt Romney: ‘The Killers Are One Group I Enjoy’

Few presidential candidates have had their musical taste and knowledge scrutinized by as many artists as this year's Republican offerings Mitt Romney and Paul Ryan.
By: Kory Grow / August 24, 2012

Scott McKenzie, ‘Kokomo’ Cowriter and Summer of Love Star, Dead at 73

Singer-songwriter Scott McKenzie, who performed the hippie anthem "San Francisco (Be Sure to Wear Flowers in Your Hair)" in 1967's Summer of Love, has died.
By: Kory Grow / August 20, 2012

Live Sue Ex-Frontman for Making Fans Think He’s Still in the Band

Based on recent events, it seems that if you were a successful band in the 1990s, you have two options in 2012: reunite and…
By: Devon Maloney / July 19, 2012

Who Charted? Neil Young and Beach Boys’ Collective Nostalgia Can’t Beat Adele

First! As is the natural order of things, Adele is back at the top of Billboard 200 for the 24th week overall, after…
By: Devon Maloney / June 13, 2012

Listen to the New Beach Boys Song Which We Kind of Love

Today the reunited Beach Boys released their first music with Brian Wilson on vocals since, as best as we can figure, 1989's "In My Car,"…
By: Christopher R. Weingarten / April 25, 2012

The 2012 Grammys’ Highs and Lows: Didn’t We Almost Have It All

Adele's big voice triumphed on a night that paid too little tribute to one of the biggest voices in music history, while Nicki Minaj tried…
By: Ken Bachor / February 13, 2012

The Beach Boys Will Reunite at the Grammys, Tragically, With Foster the People and Maroon 5

The good news: The recently reunited surviving members of the Beach Boys just announced that they will perform for the first time in nearly…
By: SPIN Staff / February 8, 2012

Weezer’s Rivers Cuomo Covers the Beach Boys

The Beach Boys' "God Only Knows," from their groundbreaking 1966 album Pet Sounds, is one of the most timeless songs in popular music. Recently, Weezer…
By: William Goodman / January 4, 2011