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Mark Kozelek to Release New EP, ‘Down in the Willow Garden’

This year will close as a busy one for Mark Kozelek, a.k.a. Sun Kil Moon. The less-than-universally-loved singer-songwriter has already released one album, Universal Themes, and…
Harley Brown / August 23, 2015

Mark Kozelek Is Releasing a Spoken-Word Album of Poetry Written By ‘Street Kids in Argentina’

It turns out that the immensely talented but controversial singer-songwriter Mark Kozelek has a charitable side, albeit a bit of a strange one. The singer-songwriter — who performs as Su…
James Grebey / July 7, 2015

Mark Kozelek and Feminist Guilt: Why I Won’t Boycott Sun Kil Moon

Let’s state the obvious: Career musicians can be dicks. Anyone consistently lauded by sycophants and basking in critical adulation would be and music journalists are keenly aware of this. (Writers ca…
Rachel Brodsky / June 10, 2015

Sun Kil Moon Shares Stream of New Album and an Interview He Did With El-P

Cantankerous folk rock act Sun Kil Moon’s new album Universal Themes drops tomorrow, but Mark Kozelek is streaming the entire thing a day early on his website.
James Grebey / June 1, 2015

Sun Kil Moon and Jesu Will Release a Collaborative Album Later This Year

UPDATE: This is officially happening, due out February 19, 2016. Check out a track list below. 1. “Good Morning My Love” 2. “Carondelet” 3. “A…
Brennan Carley / April 27, 2015

Mark Kozelek Joins Ben Gibbard Onstage For Postal Service’s ‘Such Great Heights’

Mark Kozelek to the rescue: The notoriously curmudgeonly Sun Kil Moon musician recently lent his support to Death Cab For Cutie’s Ben Gibbard at a…
Brennan Carley / February 24, 2015

Sun Kil Moon Announces New Album, ‘Universal Themes’

Sun Kil Moon's Mark Kozelek has announced plans to release the follow-up to 2014's Benji (a.k.a. No. 6 on SPIN's list of the 50 Best Album…
Rachel Brodsky / February 19, 2015

Read Ben Gibbard and Mark Kozelek’s Latest Batch of Pen-Pal Emails

Old buddies Ben Gibbard and Mark Kozelek are also very much pen pals, something they revealed last November when they published “The Thread,” i.e., a serie…
Rachel Brodsky / February 2, 2015

Hear Sun Kil Moon’s Nine-Minute Epic, ‘The Possum’

Taking a breather from asking the War on Drugs to suck his cock, Sun Kil Moon — a.k.a. Mark Kozelek — has released a nine-minute…
Rachel Brodsky / November 21, 2014

Mark Kozelek’s Feud With the War On Drugs Continues (to Be Stupid)

And the long-running, mostly one-sided feud between Sun Kil Moon’s Mark Kozelek and the War On Drugs rages on. Kozelek has now taken comments that WOD leader…
James Grebey / October 29, 2014
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