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Review: Heems Confronts His (And Hip-Hop’s) Dualities on the Surprisingly Mournful ‘Eat Pray Thug’

Why does it seem like only the best bands break up? Perhaps because the weight of what they made was too great for their shoulders:…
By: Dan Weiss / March 11, 2015

Q&A: Heems on His Quest for Racial Identity and How Hip-Hop Gets Lost in Translation in Asia

When you walk into the Long Island house that Himanshu Suri shares with his parents, it's easy to forget that he's also Heems, the artist…
By: Beejoli Shah / March 10, 2015

Heems Sets His Inner-Monologue Free in the Fast-Talking ‘Sometimes’

Das Racist co-founder Heems has unveiled an excellent solo track called "Sometimes," which is set appear on his upcoming debut album, Eat, Pray, Thug.
By: Rachel Brodsky / January 8, 2015

Heems and Riz MC Are Swetshop Boys on ‘Benny Lava’

Whaaaat? Yes, Himanshu Suri — a.k.a. Heems, best known from the sadly defunct New York rap upsetters (and former SPIN cover stars) Das Racist…
By: Marc Hogan / March 25, 2014

No Trivia’s Rap Songs of the Week: Kanye West Probably Needs a Fact Checker

Heems "Turn Me On"Since the break-up of his joking-not-joking group Das Racist, Himanshu Suri has been on a rather fascinating contrarian-art journey. He followed u…
By: Brandon Soderberg / June 20, 2013

Fat Tony, ‘Smart Ass Black Boy’ (Young One)

Exactly what kind of Smart Ass rapper is Fat Tony? Judging from his new LP's title track, he's the kind who reps Pythagoras, Buster Keaton,…
By: Chris DeVille / June 13, 2013

Fat Tony Brings Kool A.D. to His Chat-Room ‘Hood Party’ in Rambunctious Video

Ain't no party like a Google Hangout party. In his new video for laid-back anthem "Hood Party," Houston rapper Fat Tony spans the States with…
By: Colin Stutz / June 11, 2013

Hear Das Racist’s Unreleased Raw Rap ‘Indians From All Directions’

When Das Racist unceremoniously announced their breakup in December, group hypeman Dapwell told SPIN they'd had a follow-up to Relax in the works. "We…
By: Chris Martins / April 16, 2013

Das Racist’s Former Members Are All Playing at a Museum

Das Racist's original members are reuniting ... in the same building, at different times, and not as "Das Racist." Heems is collaborating with New York'…
By: Chris Martins / April 5, 2013

Rap Songs of the Week: Gucci Mane Can Act, Gucci Mane Can Sing, Gucci Can Do Anything!

We're changing things up. From here on out, look for our weekly round-up of the best rap songs on Wednesday. The "Friday Five" will focus on the…
By: Brandon Soderberg / March 13, 2013

Das Racist Dudes Drop Dueling Videos for ‘Moneyball’ and ‘Desi Shoegaze Taiko’

Former SPIN cover stars Das Racist may have called it quits in December, but Heems and Kool A.D. have been plenty busy since.
By: Chris Martins / February 22, 2013

Kool A.D. Adds Ad-Rock Beat to Upcoming ’19’ and ’63’ Mixtapes

Now that Das Racist is no more, Kool A.D., or Victor Vasquez, has plenty of time on his hands. Enough, in fact, that he…
By: Daniel Kreps / January 31, 2013

Watch Heems Drone Alone in ‘Soup Boys’ Video

Welcome to the post-Das Racist world. Heems released his second solo mixtape Wild Water Kingdom prior to the hip-hop group's surprise December breakup,…
By: Daniel Kreps / January 22, 2013

Das Racist Bail on Munich Show, Announce Split on Twitter

SPIN cover stars Heems and Kool A.D. of Das Racist have each released two solo mixtapes this year, and now we may know the…
By: Jordan Sargent / December 3, 2012

Heems, ‘Wild Water Kingdom’ (Greedhead)

Released five months after his group Das Racist's first foray into sold-in-stores, all-samples-cleared, album-oriented rap, Heems' debut solo mixtape appeared in January as a much-welcome…
By: Nick Murray / November 28, 2012

Das Racist’s Heems Teases New Album, Defends ‘Relax’ in Reddit AMA

Das Racist's Himanshu Suri hosted a Reddit Ask Me Anything (AMA) today in honor of his new Wild Water Kingdom mixtape.
By: Chris Martins / November 15, 2012

Watch Das Racist Channel ‘Flashdance’ in Goofy ‘Girl’ Video

Flashdance and the Sexy Sax Man duke it out for the guiding inspiration behind the latest Das Racist music video. I…
By: Chris Martins / October 30, 2012

Das Racist’s Dapwell on Respecting the Process

My mother became a United States citizen in 1987 or '88. She remembers, hazily, taking the test to transfer her Indian citizenship, which involved "English…
By: SPIN Staff / October 22, 2012

No Trivia’s Friday Five: Trolling Rick Ross and Witch House AT THE SAME DAMN TIME

There seems to be some confusion about Kendrick Lamar's good kid m.A.A.d city, even after the rapper's major-label debut went up to iTunes for pre-order,…
By: Brandon Soderberg / October 5, 2012

Shut Up, ‘Roo: Backstage at Bonnaroo With Das Racist

From the exciting (hanging with Flea!) to the necessary (munching corn chips), see how the Brooklyn crew did the 'Roo.
By: SPIN Staff / June 15, 2012
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